Boat Ballasting Systems
iPlatforms specializes in the construction of ballasting systems for naval gates or hulls of various kinds.

Ballast systems are designed to control the buoyancy, balancing and heeling of naval structures using ballast boxes called “Ballast” connected to each other through a piping system. By varying the amount of sea water or air inside the crates in the various sectors of the hull by means of dedicated compressed air pumps or blowers, we are able to control the buoyancy or flooding of the rooms. The automatic compensation system is managed by a centralized control unit connected to a series of level sensors installed inside the Ballasts.

Interested Naval Structures:Container Ships, Ferries, Transport Ships, Barges, Port Boats, Barrier Gates, OFF-Shore Structures, Military Ships.

Our projects

“Barge Arcalupa“

Floating system for launching ships Dimensions: 110 m x 32 m Capacity 30 T / m2 – Client and Owner: Cimolai Spa.

Barca Porta

Floating access door to the “Ship maintenance dock” Port of Casablanca – Commissioner: Royaume du Maroc – Agence National des Port – Dimensions: 42 m x 8 m x H 15 m.

Work in progress


Sea side gate – Malamocco navigation basin – MO.S.E. – Client: Venezia Nuova Consortium. Handling system on rails installed on the bottom. Dimensions 54 m x 7m x H 16 m
Construction of electromechanical systems for floating control and sinking of the gate.